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Bittersweet profits

The garage sale was much more successful this time around.  I think we cleared around $170, half of which ended up going right back into Autumn’s wardrobe.  I went to the Carter’s outlet yesterday and bought a few things for her.  It’s the circle of life, I guess.

I thought it would be harder to see some of her things go to other homes.  Sometimes I’d get a little nostalgic when a favorite outfit was placed on the table for me to bag up.  I kept some of the things I really treasured.  My mom’s neighbor Barb stopped by and marveled at the racks and tables of clothes from just one baby.  “I can remember when you got some of these things at your shower!” she said.  One of those outfits was the one you see me holding in this picture:

Linda's House-10-01-05

I think Autumn may have worn it once or twice.  I put a price on it and the lady who bought it was a haggler.  I didn’t argue price with anyone.  For the most part I was glad to get rid of the stuff.  We just don’t have that much storage room to keep it.  Still, there’s a little sadness that lingers.  I keep saying that if we do decide to have another child, and right now it doesn’t look like we’re going to, I’ll just have to go shopping again.  You know a situation isn’t that bad when your worst case scenario is more shopping, especially baby shopping.



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garage sale bounty 

The sale is tomorrow and it’s going to be 92 degrees out. I can hardly contain my excitement.

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Brady day

Yesterday my mom came over for a short visit. While she was here I took the opportunity to shower since Nathan was busy tearing down wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom and Autumn’s proximity radar goes off any time one or the both of us is not within 3 feet of her. I figured my mom would be an acceptable substitute and I could finally shave my legs and wear shorts again.

Before I stepped into the shower, my mom grabbed a book to read to Autumn and turned the TV station to channel 32, which around here is “TV Land.” A “Brady Bunch” marathon was on and mom read the book while Autumn cried through as much of the story as my mom was able to read to her. Apparently there’s no substitute for Mom and Dad.

After my mom left, the TV stayed on “TV Land” and I instantly became sucked into the Brady’s world again. I swear it’s been at least ten years since I’ve sat down and watched an entire episode, let alone a marathon of episodes. During feedings and naps (Autumn’s, not mine) I was able to watch a few of the most memorable Brady moments of all time.

The first episode I caught was the one where the boys scared the crap out of the girls with the fake ghost and then the girls dared the boys to sleep in the attic and played their own fake ghost trick on them. This episode used to scare the living hell out of me when I was a kid. There was just something about that ghost in the beginning that chilled me to the bone. That and Marcia’s ethereal tape recorded voice as the girls’ cheesy celophane creation floated out of the trunk. I always had to change the channel before I heard that voice. Vincent Price’s laugh at the end of “Thriller” had the same effect on me.

All the best episodes were on yesterday. The Grand Canyon trip, the Hawaii trip, Marcia’s broken nose, Peter’s broken voice and Carol’s broken vase. Let me tell you though, watching this show as an adult mother is a whole lot different than watching it as a kid. When you’re a kid you’re willing to overlook a few plot holes and glaring exhibits of bad parenting. Here are a few things I noticed in the episodes I watched yesterday:

1) Ok, how much does an architecht make anyway? He has six kids to support, his wife doesn’t work and he keeps a housekeeper on staff. Oh, and he drives a convertible back and forth to work. Doesn’t he know convertibles cost more to insure?

2) Speaking of work, where can I find an employer as generous as his? Not only did Mike Brady’s firm foot the bill for the entire family to travel to Hawaii, they included a ticket for Alice too.

3) Mike Brady is all too forgiving, especially when lunatic strangers put his family in danger. Exhibit A will be the Grand Canyon trip. Perhaps winding up in jail and getting his car stolen was karmic retribution for bailing on his campground reservatiopns (a courtesy call would have been nice, Mike) in favor of roughing it in a ghost town. So what did he do? He left his family behind while he and Peter sought help. They eventually returned with the car and Mr. Howell, I mean the old prospector who apologized with an explanation that he just wanted to file his claim before the Brady’s jumped it. So what did Mike do? Nothing. He just loaded the family back into the wagon. They had a schedule to keep, you know.

Exhipbit B is the Hawaii trip. Vincent Price’s kooky professor tied the boys up and threatened to leave them behind until Mike and Carol showed up. Did Mike deck the professor for kidnapping his boys? No! He offered to help the professor get credit for finding the cave and everything in it. As long as he doesn’t have to drag a dead body home, Mike Brady is one accomodating man.

4) They took Alice with them on the Grand Canyon trip and expected her to still cook? When did Alice get a vacation? Did they pay her for standing in front of a hot grill in the dessert or was the trip her payment for the week? I didn’t see anyone asking her to contribute gas money.

5) Mike and Carol gave their kids freedom to roam all over the place yet freaked out when they weren’t back at camp or the hotel by dark. Hellooo! You had three teenage sons loose in Hawaii. Do you really think they were going to care about coming back to the hotel for dinner even if they weren’t worried about shaking off that bad tiki-god mojo? Oh and Bobby and Cindy were eaten by a mountain lion in the Grand Canyon while Alice was dragging out the grill for those hot dogs and beans.

I could go on, but thankfully I won’t. I will, however, be discussing the Brady wardrobe designer’s obvious liberal drug use in my next post.

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Coffee talk

Me: “Can I borrow your french press?”

Co-worker: “For a dollar.”

Me: “Put it on my tab.  Crap, I think I brought all my coffee mugs home.”

Co-worker: hands me a mug with cats pictured on it that says ‘Got Milk?’  
You can use one of mine.”

Me: “I guess I don’t hate cats enough to refuse to drink out of this mug.”

Co-worker: “That’s right, you didn’t have very good cat experiences, did you?”

Me: “They were head cases. I don’t know what was wrong with them.”

Co-worker: “Perhaps it was because you didn’t love them enough.”

Me: “Yes, that must be it. They must have known they were only place holders for the

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I’m it

It seems Meg over at Sleepy New Mommy has reached out her virtual hand and tagged me for a MeMe, which as I understand it is a way for me to share even more information. So here goes…

Five things in my closet

  1. My old backpack from college that is still in excellent shape but will probably never be used again because I’m way too old to be slinging a backpack over my shoulder.
  2. Sweaters I forgot to put in storage and don’t want to put in storage now because I’d just have to get them out of storage in a couple of months.
  3. A humidifier we used a couple of times but put away because it was too noisy.
  4. Clothes, of course
  5. The entrance to my attic.

Five things in my fridge

  1. Marla’s pasta salad from a couple of weeks ago
  2. About seven different types of mustard
  3. Half eaten jars of baby food we keep forgetting are there
  4. Leftover lamb and tzatziki sauce from a gyro kit
  5. Napa cabbage and romaine lettuce for Nathan’s fabulous kimchi

Five things in my car

  1. My spring jacket. I forgot to hang it up after the weather warmed up.
  2. A sweater I also forgot to hang up that sat in my back window for weeks and is now bleached in spots.
  3. Lots of empty water bottles
  4. Gas receipts
  5. A snow brush, because you know the weather can turn on a dime here in Michigan

Five things in my purse

  1. A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel
  2. Weight Watchers Magazine
  3. Coupons for formula
  4. Diapers and wipes (can’t have one without the other)
  5. A manicure kit

Am I supposed to tag someone else now?

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Pillow talk

Overheard in our bedroom last night…

Nathan: “Cool, Pee Wee’s Playhouse is on.  Holy crap! That’s Laurence Fishburne! Is that Laurence Fishburne?”

Me: “Who are you talking to because you  know I’m trying to get to sleep, right?”

Nathan: “Umm…Myself…I’m talking to myself.”

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