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Strike two

Autumn was bitten again yesterday. Same child, other cheek.

We met at the daycare provider’s house this morning to talk about what has been going on.  Apparently this child, Brooke, does not bite at home and only bites Autumn at daycare. We told C- that we don’t want to have to find another provider but that we will if she can’t keep Brooke away from Autumn.  C- assured us that she already warned Brooke’s mom that she has a three-strike rule and that if it happens again it will be Brooke’s last day in her care.

C-‘s fix, as it was before, is segregation.  Brooke can’t be left alone in the room with Autumn.  C- admitted yesterday’s incident was her fault because she left the room to make lunch knowing that Brooke could easily get out of the Exersaucer in which she was “confined.”  She figured it had been three weeks since the last attack and thought Brooke could be good.  She was wrong.

I called my mom and I called Marla, seeking advice from the two women I know best.  Marla was alarmed that C- didn’t call me at work to let me know what happened and my mom told me I had to put Autumn first and do what was best for her.  Nathan and I talked about the situation last night and were prepared to ask C- to decide who she wants to keep as clients; Autumn or the child vampire and her brother.

After we talked things over with C-, we didn’t issue the ultimatum.  Neither of us want to pull Autumn out of a home she’s known since she was 11 weeks old and put her in with a complete stranger.  Still, I felt awful leaving Autumn there today knowing that Brooke would arrive shortly after we left.  I just wanted to stay home with her and keep her safe, but I guess I’ll have to trust our daycare provider.

As if being a working mother wasn’t bad enough.


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Happy blogversary to me

One year ago today I posted my first entry for this blog. I was pondering the 40 or so days left of my pregnancy (which actually turned out to be 50) and posted pictures of the girl’s nursery.  At that time I wasn’t one hundred percent sure I was having a girl and was freaking out a wee bit about the ultrasound being wrong.  Of course that was only one of the many things I was freaking out about a year ago.

We’re gradually pulling things together for Autumn’s birthday party. The part of me that’s in denial about my daughter turning a year old has become chummy with the part of me that likes to put things off. Together both parts have been content to talk about the party but not actually do anything about it.  The practical part of me bought some chicken wings and meatballs at the store this week and stowed them in the freezer.  That part also made a preliminary guest list of about 25 friends and family who cannot possibly visit our house at the same time and expect to find a place to sit.

I think we’ll probably only do this big party thing once.  Autumn’s birthday is a week before Thanksgiving (and my birthday) and the prospect of getting people together like this every year seems like such work when I know we’ll be getting together a week or so later anyway.  We have to celebrate the first birthday though.  That’s a must.  I’m making a special cake for her and ordering a Costco cake for the rest of us (YUMMM!) and I’m going to let her go to town on that thing until she has frosting in her hair and up her nose.  Then, as a special treat, I’m going to sit her on the floor and let Molly clean her off.

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Verbal skills

We think Autumn may have said her first word the other day.  Nathan was giving her a bath and she was holding her favorite rubber duck.  “Is that your duck?” Nathan asked to which Autumn replied, “Da!”

Nathan could barely contain his excitement as he called me in from the other room.  “I think she just said duck!” he exclaimed.  He leaned in towards Autumn and asked, “What’s that? Is that your duck?”

“Da,” said Autumn again.

We have yet to document this milestone in the baby book because we’re still not totally sure we heard correctly.  She’s a good mimic so that’s probably all she was doing.  She’ll copy us whenever we say “ma ma” or “da da,” but if the video below is any indication, her father must be taking her aside and telling stories about me.


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Life interrupts

I totally forgot to eat breakfast this morning.  You may not understand the significance of this, but it’s huge because I never ever forget.to.eat.  If anything, I eat without thinking and stuff things into my mouth whether I’m hungry or not.  I was just sitting down at my desk and thought, “Wow, I feel a little empty.  What did I have for breakfast?  Oh.  I didn’t have breakfast.”

Nathan and I are trying to extend the life of our older car by sharing the new one and carpooling to work.  I use the term “carpooling” loosely because we’re not saving any gas by driving together.  We work in different towns and leave from home in opposite directions, so our ride sharing involves dropping Autumn off at daycare, dropping me off at work and then Nathan drives himself to work.  It’s a bit of a hassle and makes the work day longer, but there’s no way we can afford two car payments now and the older car is hinting that it’s had enough of this driving business and would just like to retire to Zepher Hills and play mahjong for the remainder of its days.

Ride sharing requires that we leave the house at least 30 minutes earlier than usual.  Although we tried getting up earlier, our bodies refuse to acknowledge that the day can begin before 6 am.  We’ve compensated by wasting less time in the morning and just getting out the door.  That seems to be working, but hello, no breakfast this morning so we may have to make adjustments somewhere.

So the car thing is one of the reasons I’ve been busy beyond reason.  We’ve also had a catastrophic hard drive failure that may end up in the loss of huge amounts of precious data.  Pictures, documents, Nathan’s drawings and our financial records are now stuck on a faulty external hard drive that lets us see the data but not grab it.  Nathan’s fairly confident that we’ll be able to get it back, but in the meantime I’m starting from scratch with our financial records.  After all is said and done, I think I’m going to take that hard drive out into a field and smash it with a baseball bat.

There’s also the photography class.  I actually took some pictures last night.  They were all pictures of a white poster board, but they were pictures nonetheless.  Somehow between now and my printing lab on Monday I have to get into the darkroom to develop my film so that I can develop the prints when I’m supposed to.  I guess that will have to be done tomorrow after work because the labs aren’t open on the weekend yet.

Oh yeah. There’s also the child.  The child who won’t stop crawling.  And she’s getting faster and sneakier every day.  She’s my little shadow and follows me everywhere except when I need her to stay out of trouble.  Only when I need her to stay by me does she wander off, her little tush swishing back and forth as she creeps off to parts unknown.

All these are reasons I’ve been away this week.  I’ve wanted to post. I’ve been following the story of Baby Abby in Missouri.  Thank God she was returned to her family and how scary is it that the kidnapper was lured by the “It’s A Girl!” banner?  My mom tied balloons to our mailbox announcing Autumn’s arrival, but they were limp and deflated by the time we came home with her and Nathan took them down shortly after.

I’ll post as much as I can.  The upside of being busy is that I’ll have more to write about when I finally get a chance to write.

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Mouth full of dirt 

Yes, that’s a clump of dirt and grass in her mouth.  We’d had her about a month and I was beginning to wonder if we’d made a terrible mistake.  She destroyed anything she could get her teeth into and refused to become house trained.  One night I called Nathan in tears because I couldn’t handle her anymore and wondered what kind of future I had as a mother if this 10-pound pup was kicking my ass. 

One night I brought Molly to a little league field near where we lived so she could run in a fenced area.  I took the leash off and threw the frisbee until she lost interest, but she nipped at my hands and refused to cooperate when I tried to re-attach the leash.  I finally got the leash back on her and started to head home, but instead of taking Molly with me I tied the leash to the fence and started to walk away.  I figured the furthest I could go was home and if she wasn’t still tied to the fence when I returned then so be it.

I didn’t even make it to the sidewalk.  The moment Molly saw me walking away she started yelping and tugging at the leash.  She got louder with each step I took away from her until I turned around and walked back.  She broke my heart with her yelping and I felt ashamed for even thinking of abandoning her.

Now I realize how much Molly has taught me about patience.  I don’t know if I’d be able to handle as well the aggravation of Autumn learning to crawl and thus hoovering every little piece of crap into her mouth if Molly hadn’t done it first.  That night at the little league field when I struggled to get the leash back on is akin to every night with Autumn now, who absolutely refuses to sit still for a diaper change anymore.  I guess I owe Molly a big thank you or a couple of pig ears at the very least.

Now that we have Autumn, I sometimes forget Molly was my first baby.  I’m sure she hasn’t though.

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