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The belle of the ball

Last night I took Autumn to Kindermusik for the first time.  Let me just say it was enlightening to see her around other children.  I don’t get to see the social side of her too much and one thing I discovered last night is my girl is not shy.  She’s the Holly Golightly of the toddler set.  She walks into each room as though she owns it and has no qualms about plopping down on someone else’s blanket and rolling around like a dog scratching its back.

Kindermusik is all about singing and interacting with your child, but during the first song I was the only mother there who did not have a child in her lap because Autumn was across the room hanging out with another mom and her son who happened to have the exact duck blanket she sleeps with every night.  The duck blanket needed to be washed and hasn’t been in her crib for a few nights, so when she spotted the blanket she was like, “That’s where that went!” and ran over to it like it was a long lost friend.  Throughout the session she kept going to the blanket whenever it was unoccupied to pick it up and hold it to her face.

I also found out how grabby my child is.  I already knew this about her, but it’s one thing to have her steal the tomatoes from my salad and yet another to watch her lift a book out of another mother’s hands as the mother tries to read a story to her son during “quiet time.”  Ugh.  How do I nip this behavior in the bud?  I can say “Swiper, no swiping!” until I’m blue in the face, but how much of that does she really understand?

Getting her coat on to go home was a challenge because she wanted to explore the church or follow another mom and her child out to the parking lot.  Holy crap, that girl has absolutely no sit in her butt.  Thank God for that.


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Just a few things we learned from our dinner out last night with Autumn:

1) Likes and dislikes can fluctuate as often as the tides.  She loved the chicken & dumplings when we ordered it for her birthday dinner two months ago.  Last night?  Not so much.  The first bite of dumpling was spit out and fell into the pocket of her bib.  The rest of what she didn’t eat was smeared into the table and dropped onto the floor.

2) Feelings of entitlement start early.  Since the dumplings weren’t a hit, I gave her the wedge of cheese from my salad.  No sooner did she finish that than her hand was in my dish grabbing for a tomato.  After the tomato was the egg (which she didn’t eat).

3) Stolen tomatoes are the only tomatoes worth eating.  At home they’re good for feeding to the dog and staining the carpet.

4) You can always tell if your server has children by how she places the dishes on the table.  Should you really put that full glass of Diet Coke in front of the toddler with the Inspector Gadget reach?  Mom and Dad learned their lesson a long time ago, thank you.

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Earlier this week I decided to make a few changes to the blog. The first change was going to be to move everything to a new folder on my server. I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons, one being that I wanted my root directory free in case I wanted to put something other than a blog on my domain. I found some instructions on the web on how move everything from one folder to another and followed them to the letter.

That’s when everything went terribly wrong.

I won’t go into all the details here, but needless to say I got little sleep Tuesday night. I think I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. trying to fix it. I’m not really savvy when it comes to web stuff, but I’m no dummy either. I tried this and that and the other thing and nothing worked. It was horrible, like how you feel when your computer crashes and you realize you’ve lost just about everything. I was somewhat comforted when I remembered the old blog was still online and active and that I could just create a new blog and import everything from that one. I’d lose the past seven months and approximately 75 posts, but it would at least be something.

I had to step back for a few days. I worried about this a lot because this blog has been like a virtual baby book for Autumn. Did I bother to write down when she took her first steps? No. Can I remember the date she took her first steps? Umm…it was in October…before Halloween. Boy, was I screwed. Also, I tend to keep all my writing. I’m like a word pack rat. I still have my old diary from when I was eleven years old, journal entries I wrote on the back of homework assignments from junior high and a current journal maintained in Word that I’ve moved from computer to computer for well over 10 years. The thought of losing that much writing, writing about Autumn no less, made me want to cry.

But as you can see all is well. I finally sat down at my computer today and fixed it. It turns out all I needed to do was use an ftp program that was more compatible with my Mac. Big duh! My original plan was to move the blog and change the theme, but I think I’ll keep things as they are for now. I don’t want to push my luck.

So now I’m safely ensconced in my new location and will hopefully avoid spammers and my co-workers. Those are the other reasons I wanted to move. The spam is getting horrible. Comment after comment about viagra, casinos and porn have been flooding in. The spam is more of an annoyance than anything and could probably be remedied with a plugin or two. The co-worker thing is a more sensitive issue. I’ve complained about my job here before and there was a time shortly after I returned from my maternity leave that I was extremely unhappy. I had issues with a woman in my unit and brought my concerns to my supervisor, who more or less blew me off. Mind you, that was the first time I had ever complained to her about a co-worker in all the years I worked for her.

After that I couldn’t have cared less about the job. I did my work, but I also spent a lot of time blogging. A lot of time. I had given the link to a lot of my co-workers as a means to keep them posted with baby info while I was on maternity leave and worried that one of the supervisors would one day get the link, find the blog, look at the time stamps of the posts and go “Hmm…”

Anyway, I’m here now and anyone visiting the old link will see a brief message with no redirect. If anyone at work asks, the blog is no more. I’m sure Google will pick up the new link eventually if anyone cares to search for it, but I don’t think they will. It’ll be nice to be somewhat anonymous again.

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It is January, right?

I took this picture on Christmas Day just before everyone arrived for brunch. Do you notice anything odd? Perhaps I should remind you that I live in Michigan. Look over Nathan’s shoulder just over Autumn’s head. What’s that there?

Why, I believe that’s green grass and a clean street. Where’s the blanket of white which adds that special something to make the holidays ever so magical? Come and gone. But you know what? I’m loving it.

People around here really only want snow at Christmas anyway so that when December 26th comes around and we’re all getting into our cars early in the morning to score some half-off giant snow globes to display in our lawns next year, we won’t have to shovel out a path to the street.

It’s rained a bit but we haven’t gotten snow in a month. The weather folk are loving it because we’re setting records all over the place. We took Autumn out in her brand spanking new Radio Flyer wagon that Santa brought her for Christmas (but which Daddy assembled shortly after Santa’s trip to Target the day after Thanksgiving). We walked to the grocery store for a few things and even took Molly with us. It was surreal, and we pretended for awhile that we had no idea what the phrase “lake effect snow” means.

I guess having a mild Christmas without snow isn’t all that unusual. Here’s a picture of me and my brother on Christmas day in 1980:


That’s a somewhat pathetic looking dandilion my brother’s holding. Also present is the green grass and glimmering sun that’s blinding me into my trademark squint. I think the temps got into the 60s that day. My dad would know for sure. He can’t remember to tell my mother to call me back when she finishes her bath but can remember the temperature on Christmas day 26 years ago.

I know the snow wil be back. It always comes back.

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