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Way back when I started this blog, I had one of those tickers pasted to the top of my page that showed how many days I had left before my child would make her appearance. The thing really pissed me off at the end since the kid waited TEN WHOLE DAYS after my due date to grace us with her presence, and even then she had to be evicted.

Aside from being a bit cutesy and infuriating to the over due, that ticker was also static. No life, no animation, just a gradually developing fetus advancing towards some arbitrary date on the calendar. I’d seen many, many similar tickers on the various sites and message boards I visited throughout my pregnancy.

Then the other day Casey left a comment here and the link back to her blog, which I visited and saw the coolest thing ever:

Get the <a href=”http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/baby-ticker”>Baby Ticker – The Baby Countdown Pregnancy Ticker</a> widget and many other <a href=”http://www.widgetbox.com/galleryhome/”>great free widgets</a> at <a href=”http://www.widgetbox.com”>Widgetbox</a>!

How freaking sweet is that? Makes me want to go out and get knocked up just so I can add it to my sidebar. Just looking at it makes me feel all peaceful. There’s baby gently floating around in the amniotic fluid and you can watch him grow like a sea monkey until the day he tears you in half.

Ain’t motherhood a lovely thing?


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One of my new favorite websites is Geek Girlfriends, written by Christina Tynan-Wood. The site itself is new, meant to be a companion to her tentatively titled upcoming book Girlfriend to Girlfriend Guide to Technology. I’m a gadget girl myself, and having married a geek, find the world of technology somewhat fascinating.

Christina’s latest post, however, has a decidedly non-technological bent to it in that it reviews the online book rental store Book Swim. I had no idea such a place existed. Think Netflix or Gamestop with books instead of DVDs or video games. As with those other services, you fill up your queue with a wish list of must-haves and receive them in the mail within a matter of days.

Nathan and I checked out the site yesterday and were pretty impressed with what we saw. They have several tiers of membership, ranging from two books at a time to eleven books at a time (though I can’t think of why anyone would need eleven books at once). As with Netflix, the shipping is free and you’re mailed a new book as soon as you return one to Book Swim.

Nathan wanted to sign up right away, especially since he saw they offered collections of graphic novels, but I think we’ll hold off for a bit. We don’t exactly have the time to devote to serial reading at the moment. However, Book Swim does not just offer novels. They also rent out cookbooks, children’s books, self-help books and pretty much any book you can think of. Even erotica, though if I were Book Swim, I’m not sure I’d be too anxious to get those books back.

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A cute little girl, blond and about 8 years-old, walks into a Dairy Queen with her equally blond mother. The little girl looks over her shoulder and smiles at at a boy sitting in a nearby table.

Cut to the girl and her mom sitting in a booth. A waitress comes over with a sundae and tells her its compliments of the little boy down yonder. The little girl waves to the boy, picks up her spoon and says to her mother, “Like shooting fish in a barrell.”

That’s Dairy Queen’s new ad for something or other and all I could think was, “Are you kidding me?”

In light of the whole Miley Cyrus scandal involving the hoochie pics taken by Annie Liebovitz, I don’t think this ad could have been rolled out at a worse time.

Our little girls are growing up way too fast.

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Mystery girl

Tonight, for the first time in weeks, Autumn was in bed and asleep by 8:00.  It wasn’t so much because she needed to go to bed early, but more that we needed her to go to bed early.  She’s been a real treat lately, that girl, and seems to have acquired the nasty habit of biting.

I haven’t had any reports of her biting at daycare, but she’s certainly taken to chomping on me.  I don’t get it. I also don’t get why, two nights in a row now, she has flipped her dinner plate onto the carpet.  I get that messes happen.  I make messes all the time, mostly because I’m lazy, but I do not make them on purpose.  I’m also not two and a half years old.

I’ve been loving that she can communicate better, but there’s still so much I don’t understand about her.  Her impulses, the little idiosyncrasies that drive me crazy like her need to take random bits of crap to bed with her and then dropping it all behind her headboard.

Putting her to bed early tonight was a punishment for being naughty, but it turns out she really needed the rest.  I guess being two and a half is very taxing.

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My Mother's Day wish list

So where’s your stimulus check going? Ours could go towards many things, hospital bills being one of those, but we’re in desperate need of new front windows so that’s that. The money hasn’t been deposited yet and it’s already gone, but I’m very happy to get the windows because we really can’t afford to not get them. They’re in terrible shape and I can only imagine how many dollars in cold and warm air have literally gone right out the window.

What I’d really like to get with a bit of that money is a new sexy little digital camera. I know, I have a great DSLR already, but I was an idiot when I bought it and gave my fully functioning Sony with the accompanied service plan to my brother. I love my DSLR, but it’s not always practical for every situation. I’d really just like a little camera I can slip in my purse and pull out whenever the occasion arises to snap some pics.

Methinks that would make a nice Mother’s Day gift, and I did tell Nathan I’ve been yearning for a new toy like that. He then told me I have a camera fetish, an accusation I heartily denied, and went on to list the many toys I already have. The evidence was clear. I am a very spoiled woman.

Last night, however, I told Nathan what I really wanted for Mother’s Day; to go to Build-A-Bear workshop. They have this free tote giveaway with a $15 purchase May 3 & 4 and I’ve been coveting that turtle for months. It might sound silly for a grown woman to ask for a stuffed toy, but it’s something Autumn could get involved with. Possibly. She wasn’t all that jazzed about BAB on her birthday.

I guess I don’t really need the camera, but it’s about high time I get that turtle.

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I know I said I wasn’t going to change much on the site, but I kind of got carried away with the widgets today. My goal was to make it look similar to the old, widget-less sidebar. I’m not sold on the layout yet. I like some things and others not so much. Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

A couple of new things you may have noticed are the two buttons at the end of each post. If you mouse over the “share/save” button, a list of the most popular social bookmarking sites will pop up and you can tag my post to read later. The “vote for post” button is a Mom Blog Network thing and if I get enough votes I’ll be featured on their home page. And yes, I do realize I’m starting to pimp myself out here.

The other chicklet I’d like to call to your attention is the “subscribe” button at the top of my sidebar. If you read a lot of blogs (as I do), subscribing to feeds is a great way to be notified when the blog owner submits a new post. I can’t tell you how great this is because I just don’t have the time to keep checking my favorite sites for an update. There are a lot of good feed readers out there, Bloglines being my reader of choice, but the other most common readers are Google Reader and My Yahoo.

Imagine, if you will, a world in which you are no longer obligated to call your friends and family for the latest news because they automatically call you. That’s how great feed readers are.

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As part of my “blogcleaning” project, I’ve imported about sixteen posts from an old blog. These new (old) posts aren’t from the original “Autumn at Oak Hollow” blog on Blogger (which, incidentally, was first called “Noah Baby Update”). The new (old) posts are from a blog I started in late summer of 2004 back when there was just so much magnificence bubbling up inside me that I had to share myself with the rest of the world.

I wound up losing interest in the blog after a couple of months. Apparently that magnificence erupted like a shaken soda bottle and not Old Faithful. I didn’t have the heart to delete the thing until today, but I didn’t get rid of it before I saved those old posts. That’s my history and I’m all about self preservation.

While the new (old) posts aren’t groundbreaking by any means, they are kind of interesting for the simple fact that I wrote them before I was a mother. I was trying to figure some things out (and still am now, really) and wrote a lot about work. I think whining is the correct term to use here , but I also wrote about how I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be a parent. Those are the posts I find especially intriguing. The work stuff you can skip unless you’re itching to know what I do to put food on the table. My job hasn’t changed a whole lot since then.

Out of those posts, this one has to be my favorite and is a must-read for anyone whose husband has ever read her blog. It’s also rather timely because I recently set Nathan up with a blog on his own domain and am very anxious to see what he does with it. He’s a regular reader now so I hope he gets the hint.

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