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Last night Nathan and I retired to the basement to watch the second half of Avatar with its death, destruction and tragic deforestation.  It was pretty loud in some parts and I was so completely engrossed in the story that I forgot about the load of towels I had in the wash.  I also did not hear what was going on upstairs while my heart was bleeding for the Na’vi.

After the movie was over, I went into the laundry room to load up the dryer when I heard water running somewhere in the house.  The sound was unmistakable.  I could hear the hum of a faucet and the rush of water running down through the pipes.  I went upstairs expecting to see Autumn awake and in the process of some water-related shenanigans.  Mind you, it was after 11:00 pm, a time when shenanigans of any kind are not tolerated. The kid needs her sleep.

And asleep she was. Sound asleep with half her body falling off the bed.  The bathroom door was closed, and when I opened it I discovered a running faucet, a sopping wet bath mat and a ruined compact of Physician’s Formula pressed powder sitting in the sink.

At this point your guess as to what went on is as good as mine.

I was livid. I had left Autumn in her room at 9:00, and given that some water-related shenanigans took place after I left her, I figured that faucet ran for at least an hour and a half.  An hour and a half of wasted water. Dozens of gallons of wasted water. And how ironic that happened while we watched a movie that is essentially a vehicle created to slap you in the face with its environmental conscience. Gah!

My inquiry this morning was for naught. I may as well have asked the child where crop circles come from or if Tom Cruise really is gay for all the answers she provided when I asked her what happened after I went downstairs.

She doesn’t know.


Of course she doesn’t.


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Rocky mountains high

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in years and it all started with a search for a sports bra.

Back in the day, before I created a little human who required supervision, I would get up early a few days a week and work out on the elliptical at the campus rec center. I used to wear a really good sports bra back then, one I purchased online and that successfully contained the girls while I bounced around on the elliptical or jogged around the block. Yes, I jogged and it looked as hilarious as you probably think it did.

The knee issues now prevent me from ever jogging again and, I’m told, ever using the elliptical again. Since I’ve made so much progress since my accident, I don’t want to ignore advice from doctors and re-damage my knee. That would just suck, but I’ve been feeling AMAZING lately and have wanted to step up my workout.

All last week I searched for that sports bra because I wanted to try out one of the Cybex Arc Trainers they now have at the rec center. Granted I didn’t check with my orthopedist before deciding to try out the arc trainer, but some careful Googling has led me to the conclusion that arc trainers are much nicer to the knees than ellipticals. Would I be taking a chance? Yes, but I’m so over being sedentary.

But I couldn’t find the sports bra. I was fairly sure I’d need one, and all my other supportive garments aren’t so supportive when it comes to vigorous exercise. With the implied promise of a fashion show should we actually locate the thing, Nathan joined the search and eventually found it stuffed in a bag in the storage space underneath our stairs.

The sports bra didn’t fit, but in the bag along with that bra were at least a dozen other bras I’d tossed in the bag when I started growing out of them. They were all bras I hadn’t worn since before my pregnancy, and as I tried them all on, I realized many of them do fit now.

Angels sang and the sun shone brightly through the window, illuminating the piles of under things strewn across the bed.

I had new bras!

Okay, so they weren’t exactly new, but they were so old that I forgot I even had them and that’s new enough for me. They were a touch musty after having spent so long in storage, but a run through the washer spruced them up nicely. One of them even served as a suitable sports bra for my workout.

I never thought bras could make me so happy, but the joy didn’t end there because when my husband saw my success with the musty undies, he immediately started bringing up other long-forgotten garments I haven’t worn in years.

And that’s how I wound up spending the morning shopping in my own closet.

Oh, and the arc trainer kicked ass. As with the bras, I never expected a piece of exercise equipment could make me so happy.

Endorphins. Gotta love ‘em.

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Logical consequences

Today Autumn wanted to wear a tank dress we recently purchased from Target. It’s a feminine little getup complete with layered skirt, multi-hued butterflies and chocolate milk stains. She likes the dress a lot and has worn it the past two Wendesdays while out to dinner with my mom and dad.

I bought a knit purple shrug to go with the dress. Autumn is not down with the shrug. Even though it’s a wonderful complement to the dress and she looks adorable in it, she tears it off as soon as she sees me pull out of the school parking lot. I know she does this because the first day I made her wear the thing I saw her whip it off and toss it onto a bench on the playground. She probably would have lit it on fire and stomped out the flames with a tribal yell if she could have. That’s how much she hates it.

Nevertheless, I tried to coax her into the shrug again this morning. It’s so cute. You need to stay warm. Blah blah blah. No go, but since it was just barely 40 degrees outside, I felt some parental responsibility to get her to wear something over the dress.

The thing is we’d already had quite a morning with her that included a lecture about defacing library books and a breakfast tantrum that resulted in the loss of both fork and stool privileges.  And while it was amusing to see my child sit on the floor, reach up to the kitchen island and bat at her plate of waffles and sausage while wailing “I can’t reach my food! I can’t reach my fooood!” I had pretty much reached my limit.

Just before we left I tried once more to get Autumn to wear a sweater or jacket over the dress but she again refused.  At that point I didn’t argue and decided to have faith that she would come around once she set foot outside and felt how cold it actually was.

But this is my kid we’re talking about here and she happily walked over to the car, opened the door and slipped into the back seat without so much as a shiver.

And being the mature parent I am, I slipped into the front seat, turned the key in the ignition and cranked up the air conditioning.

We had just pulled out of the driveway when Autumn said, “Mom, can you roll up the window?”

“The windows are up, sweetie,” I said.

“Oh. It’s kind of cold in here.”

“Is it? Well maybe you should have worn a sweater.”

“No, then I’d be too hot.”

And there she sat, happy as a clam in her little tank dress, the sun keeping her warm while I shivered in the front seat with the AC blowing cold air up the sleeves of my jacket.  A couple of times she asked me to put the heat on, but other than that she gave no indication she was at all uncomfortable.

Most importantly, she did not give me the thing I wanted most.

You were right, Mom. I should have worn a sweater.

Child 1: Parent 0.

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I feel like looking on the bright side today, so I’m going to highlight one of the good things about my new desk situation. I am no longer in close proximity to the treats.

My unit likes to bring in snacks. One woman brings them in ALL THE TIME. She frequently bakes and places her cookies or brownies on a tall file cabinet that is central to everyone in that aisle. That’s also where the clearance Easter candy, the clearance Halloween candy and the clearance Valentines candy goes when people decide they need to get that shit out of their houses.

My old desk was positioned such that I faced that cabinet all day. Back when I didn’t care about what I ate, I couldn’t pass the cabinet without dipping into the candy bowl or the cookie container. The only things I really could stay away from were the dates one of our counselors brought back from a recruiting trip to the Middle East. Those things took forever to disappear. Too many people thought they looked like roaches.

Occasionally I’d make an extra trip to the printer just to pass the cabinet. Especially if there were Reeses.

Now I’m no longer in that aisle.  Candy and cookies are not one of the first things I look for when I plop down at my desk in the morning. I’m oblivious to what’s over there, though once in awhile I’ll hear the ping ping ping of M & M’s being dumped into the glass candy bowl.

Which is what prompted me to write this in the first place. Someone just got into the jelly beans.

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Yesterday was a nice day so I decided to wear a pair of khaki capris I bought from Old Navy last year.  They were very big on me, but since my one pair of jeans was in the wash and every other item of summer clothing fit similarly to the khaki capris, I sucked it up and spent the day hiking up my pants.

Meg and Amy could probably tell you I spent a good part of our time at BlogHer complaining about my wardrobe. Even back then the capris didn’t fit right, mostly because I bought them sight unseen in the size I thought I was at the time. The waist wound up being too large, as is the case with most of my pants, leaving my hips responsible for keeping the pants on. Back in July this wasn’t much of a problem.  Now it is.

I was fine as I puttered around the house. I was fine at Costco, even, but the moment the family and I started our post-dinner walk down to the grocery store, I was not fine. The pants simply would not stay up and I spent most of the walk reaching and tugging, reaching and tugging.  It reminded me of the situation I went through earlier this year with the jeans.

“At least you don’t have to worry about tripping over these,” said Nathan.


I love that this is happening. It means my body is responding to the way I’ve been caring for it, but my bank account isn’t going to look quite so healthy if I have to go out and buy some summer clothes again.

Sewing skills would really come in handy about now.

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A brief interlude

It’s 4:00 pm and I’m still trying to decide if I want to go to a blogger meet-up later tonight. The last time I hung out with these ladies was about a month ago. I had some wonderful gazpacho and peach ginger tea and wound up talking about blogging well past the time I promised I’d be home.

I love hanging out with bloggers, so the reason I’m waffling has nothing to do with them and has everything to do with me. I’m just in a mood where I’d rather stay home and take a walk with the family.

Still, I know the gathering will energize me and help wake up the side of my brain that has fallen dormant these past few weeks.  So maybe I’ll go but avoid the gazpacho this time.

There’s a longer post I want to write here, but I don’t have the time to do it today. Whether my evening will be spent with family or friends, my time has been spoken for.

Tomorrow, then. Perhaps.

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