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Treasure hunt

Today I went to JC Penney looking for this:

I’ve been looking for something to hold my necklaces and earrings since I foolishly passed on buying the very elegant iron jewelry tree I spotted at Costco over the holidays. I actually bought what I thought I needed at Walmart yesterday on clearance for $10. It’s basically a stand with wooden arms to hold necklaces and bracelets with a pull-out drawer containing padded inserts for rings. No storage for earrings, though.

I had been searching for awhile for something like that and picked it up without hesitation. Of course the day after I bought the holder I saw the birdcage in the JC Penney ad and an actual jewelry tree in the World Market ad. I guess I should have figured that kind of thing would have been advertised for Mother’s Day.

So I went to JC Penney to find my birdcage because I still needed a holder for my earrings. I called up my mom and the two of us brought Autumn to the mall. As normally happens when I shop with my mom, I was pulled in directions I never would have gone myself had she not been with me, and had she not been with me I never would have seen this dress:

I immediately thought of my beloved Kate Spade dress from a couple posts back. Unlike the Kate Spade, this one actually comes in big lady sizes so I pulled a 24 off the rack and tried it on.

In spite of the dress being way too big (go figure) the cut actually looked pretty awesome on me. The skirt is a lot fuller than it looks on the model there, maybe because I’m a lot fuller than that model there, but it was beautiful and I wound up having them order a size 20 for me. The only other size they had was an 18, which just tight enough to tell me the 20 will be perfect.

Unfortunately the dress is back-ordered and I don’t expect to see it for at least a month, but that was okay since I really didn’t know when I’d have an opportunity to wear it. We have no graduation parties, no weddings, no shindings or hootenannies to attend this summer, which is unusual since Nathan’s family has grown tenfold since his dad remarried last year.  At the very least I figured Nathan and I could pretend we’re the kind of people who would actually dress up for a night out together and I’d throw on the dress for a date night.

But then my mom, Autumn and I wandered over to the little girls section and I saw this dress hanging on a rack:

As soon as I saw that dress I remembered the Groupon I purchased a few weeks ago for a studio session with a local photographer. We haven’t had a family portrait taken since Autumn was two when I still weighed over 300 pounds.  For that shoot I wore a purple shirt made for nursing mothers, which I hadn’t been in well over a year.  My hair was short then and I just hated the way I looked. I have the picture pinned to my wall at work. It’s as much a reminder of how far I’ve come as it is a sweet memento of our little family.  If I can remember to do it, I’ll scan the picture and post it later this week.

I’m very excited about the prospect of having new pictures taken, and now that I have my dress and Autumn has hers, we just need to dress Nathan.  Not in an actual dress, mind you, but something casual and fun with maybe a hint of green.




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Green goddess

This dress is making me wish I was a size 14 already.

If I was a size 14 already, this dress would make me wish I had the $425 to buy it.

Damn you, Kate Spade.

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Pretty red bow

Even though I have nothing to wear them with nor can think of any event I’d wear them to, I can’t stop envisioning my ugly feet in these pretty shoes.

If they were closed toe and about $100 cheaper they’d be perfect for me.

Well, they’d be perfect if I actually knew how to walk in heels.

For now I’ll just have to stare, sigh wistfully and hope my fairy godmother has both Kate Spade and the gift of graceful balance tucked away in that magic wand of hers.

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I loved reading everybody’s comments, especially since each of the goals you accomplished were different. Graduating college, climbing mountains, getting out of debt-they’re all reasons to celebrate and brag a little bit.

You are all winners in my book, but unfortunately there is only one who will get the prize package. And that is…


Give me a buzz, girl, and we’ll make arrangements on delivery.

Thank you all for participating. I loved hearing about your accomplishments!

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Out in the Styx

I work at a college. Some of you might already know that, but I’ve never come out and said which college that is for privacy reasons. I like to keep my work life and personal life separate, and while I have been known to write work-related posts (and delete them later), I have never felt the need to be the one to link this blog with my employer.

The thing is, my employer also happens to be my alma mater and my father’s alma mater, so there is a part of me that’s very proud to be associated with the school. That’s why I decided to share this bit of awesomeness with you, my tiny, tiny audience.

This thing moves pretty fast, and while I know a few of my office mates participated in the filming, the only familiar face I spotted was the guy kissing the woman in the Captain Stubing chapeau. That would be our university president and his wife.

I love this, especially since it was done in one take. I don’t know how much rehearsal went into it, but they did a great job. I was a film and video major once upon a time, so I know pulling off a one-shot deal like this wasn’t a walk in the park.

Well, actually it was. Here’s the cinematic swath they cut while filming:

The campus really is beautiful, even more so now that the leaves have turned the landscape into a patchwork of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows.  Too bad they couldn’t have waited a couple more weeks to film this, but you never can tell what kind of weather you’ll get once we hit October.

All I know is that I’m still having to say no to the tank tops.

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I’m back in Michigan!

Unfortunately I’m not yet home. My flight departing from Asheville was delayed so Delta booked me on another flight that has me waiting for a few hours in Detroit. Hello, Motor City.

I decided to grab a bite to eat at one of the astronomically priced establishments in the terminal. I told myself I wasn’t going to do this, but the last leg of my trip has me arriving later than planned. I just want to kiss and hug my family and not worry about where dinner is coming from. Tomorrow I’m back at the office and it’s business as usual.

The place where I chose to eat is a favorite. We have the same restaurant on campus and I’ll go there whenever I’m in the mood for something other than Subway.

I placed my order, picked my jaw up off the floor after hearing the total and scooted my way down to the register at the end where two girls were ringing up customers and chatting.

One of the girls commented to the other how busy it had been all day. She gauged this busyness by the number of credit card transactions she had processed so far. She started rattling off numbers-37 MasterCard, 45 Visa 28 Discover blah blah blah. And as she handed me my credit card and receipt, she said, “It pisses me off.”

I do not profess to have virgin ears unfamiliar with such language. Hell, I say shit like that all the time, but one does not work in a service-related job and use such language in front of customers.

Or at least they shouldn’t.

So I sat down to eat my order, which they got WRONG, and thought about how the cashier was essentially complaining about her livelihood in front of the people who make it possible for her to take home a paycheck.

Where’s the gratitude?

Granted, everyone complains about their jobs from time to time (guilty), but this is Detroit, a city that has, perhaps, felt the ugliness of this economic climate more acutely than any other city in Michigan. And Michigan? WOW. Let’s just say we’re not attracting any homesteaders. People are leaving because there’s nothing here for them anymore.

But the cashier has a job. She has a job in a dinky overpriced eatery in a major international hub. Seriously, this place is freaking huge, and I would bet there are countless people in this city who would don her apron and visor in a heartbeat.

Does she know that? Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe I just caught her in a bad moment. All I know is that she displayed an attitude of entitlement that runs rampant in the workplace. Guilty again.

So here’s what I’m going to do. From the moment I sit down at my desk tomorrow to the moment I leave it, I’m going to appreciate what I have there. No matter what my feelings are about where I work and what I do for a living, I’m going to work my butt off and be thankful I have a job that allows me to help provide for my family.

I challenge you to do the same.

Let Tuesday, September 28 be National I Appreciate and Value My Job Day.

This shouldn’t be too hard for any of us to do. All we need is to envision a life without the work and what that would mean for our families.

Better yet, talk to someone who has lost a job and see what it has done to them. Unfortunately there are many, many such people out there.

If I wasn’t at the airport right now I’d totally take this all the way with a Twitter campaign and sidebar buttons. I guess we’re just going to have to keep it simple. If you’re with me, feel free to let a comment indicate your support for my Completely Made Up But Awesomely Inspiring Holiday.

And no, you can’t have the day off.

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The last weekend

Since this weekend is Autumn’s final weekend before starting kindergarten, Nathan and I have decided to unplug for three whole days and give all our attention to her.

That means no blog.

No Twitter (!)

No iPhones.

No netbook.

No computer or game console of any kind.

If we turn on the TV at all, it will only be to sit down and watch a movie together.

If we leave the house and want to bring a cell phone with us, we’re going to take the plain old Nokia that serves as our home line.

Paper will become my friend for the weekend. Weight Watcher points will be tracked on paper. Grocery lists will be written on paper.

If I need to find a coupon, I’ll just have to search for it by hand.

We really, really need this. For our sanity. For our family.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll see you Tuesday.

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