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otherwise they would have thought we were murdering our poor child last night.

All I did was put her to bed a little early because she only took an hour nap at daycare.  The teeth.  The exhaustion.  The frustration.  I wish I new how to comfort her, but my little girl seems to have morphed into a screaming banshee.  It’s strange how quickly it happened.  One night she’s going to bed without a problem and the next I’m covering my ears with my hands so I don’t have to hear her plaintive pleas of “Maaa-maaaaaa. Maaaa-maaaaa.”  Logically I know she’s not really calling for me but my conscience says otherwise.

I feel like the worst parent in the world for letting her cry like that, but I know going back in to comfort her would only make things worse.  I went in to check on her when she had finally quieted down.  I thought she was asleep, but her eyes lit on me as soon as I neared her crib and she started in on the screaming again.  She wanted to be picked up and held and did not want me to go away again.

I shudder when I think how many teeth are in the human mouth.


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Autumn’s teeth have poked through.  We’ve been applying the Orajel liberally, something the girl is not too fond of.  She makes a sour face and wipes her mouth on the back of her hand.  That stuff is nasty, but it seems to help with the pain.

One of the side effects of the teething is the screaming.  This is not just the bawling of an unhappy baby but the ear-bleeding screeches of a child testing out her lungs and it’s driving us nuts.  Yesterday she let out a good one after I had just picked her up.  Her pitch is amazing.  Pretty soon only dogs will be able to hear her.  Pretty soon I’ll not be able to hear anything.

Saturday Nathan and I visited our favorite sushi restaurant with Autumn in tow.  It was the first time all three of us had been there since Autumn was just a few weeks old.  Back then she was the size of a doll and was content to sleep through the whole meal.  We just set her car seat on one of the chairs and I enjoyed my first taste of my favorite Crunchy Maki in almost a year.

This time, however, Autumn was a bouncing scream machine.  We put her in a high chair and I proceeded to feed her some peas, but it was as though she was sitting on live wires.  She bopped up and down, pounded on the table and happily screamed her little heart out.  I tried to aim the peas towards her mouth, a task that should have been simple considering her mouth was constantly open, but the bouncing made feeding a hit-or-miss operation.  After a few times of shoving peas up her nose and streaking them across her face like war paint, I put the spoon down and sighed.  “This is like being drunk and trying to stick a key in a keyhole,” I said to Nathan.

Autumn had almost finished the whole package of peas when she decided they needed to come back up.  The bouncing must have upset her stomach.  I was very composed and held the bib under her chin to catch the peas as they fell out of her mouth.  I was even composed as she coughed and spit peas all over my arm and the table.  I remained composed as I pulled a plastic bag out of my purse and put the soiled bib in it.  I only freaked out later when we were in the grocery store and I found peas on her little sandals.  “What the hell? How did she get peas all the way down there?” I asked whoever was in earshot.

I really felt sorry for the other diners in the restaurant.  Wasabi doesn’t look as appetizing once you’ve witnessed an infant puke up peas at the next table.  We tried to stem Autumn’s screaming by keeping the binky in her mouth, but she has hands and knows how to use them now.  She’d pull the binky out as soon as it was inserted.  After awhile we just gave up and tried to eat as quickly as possible.

That incident was pretty much on par with the remainder of the weekend.  She screamed, she ate, she slept.  I finally had to leave the house.  I told Nathan I was going to Target and wouldn’t be long.  As I walked through the store I suddenly felt exhausted.  I knew I eventually had to go home to feed Autumn before she went to bed but wanted to stay just a little while longer.  It was just so nice and quiet at Target.

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…to praise the teething gods because Autumn finally has one poking through!  For three months she’s been drooling, screaming, fussing and chewing on everything her little paws can grab.  Three months!  I’ve been checking her gums whenever she’ll let me and finally saw the telltale white dot of an emerging tooth yesterday.  I tried to get her to show it off to her grandparents and the greeter at the grocery store, but every time I pulled down her lower lip she’d either turn her head away or stick out her tongue so that we couldn’t see anything.

I know this is just the beginning, but I was starting to worry that we’d have to puree her serving of cake at her first birthday party.

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