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Screening calls

A couple of months ago I got a new cell phone. I haven’t distributed the number to many people and thus haven’t been getting many calls, but a little while ago I receive a call from a number I didn’t recognize.

I Googled the number and found a thread debating on whether or not this was a courtesy call from Sprint (my carrier). Some said yay and others said nay.

This reply, however, had an entirely different take on where the number was coming from:

Watch out for this number. I confirmed with Sprint that it’s not their number, and they claim to not know who it is. After doing a little more research(my brother in law works for ATT), I found out that the calls actually originate in Pakistan. They ask for you number and pin and then use it to attempt to order a Palm Pre for members of the Taliban. Apparently the Palm Pre is very in demand with members of the Taliban, due to it’s revolutionary UI and ability to tether whilst riding a goat.

After refusing to give them my information on numerous occasions I was eventually taken off the list, however subsequently a religious fatwah calling for my death was issued. So it’s kind of a mixed bag.

While this was obviously written tongue-in-cheek, I’m still not thrilled about getting calls from telemarketers and/or phishing scammers ALREADY.

And what does it say about me that I’d actually like to see how someone would manage to talk on a Palm Pre whilst riding a goat?

It wouldn’t even have to be a member of the Taliban. Anyone with a goat and a Palm Pre would do.

And really, it wouldn’t even have to be a Pre. Just give me a dude with a goat and a cell phone. I’ll have the camera ready.


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I love that you used the search term “exercise for people with shitty knees.”

Better yet, I love that it brought you to me, though I’m guessing you left disappointed after finding no exercises for people with shitty knees.

I do have shitty knees but I do not exercise them well.

Hopefully someone out there with shitty knees is less of a slacker than I and has what you’re looking for.

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