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So the “Lost” finale was last night.

And it was perfect.

Did you watch? Did you enjoy it? Did you cry as much as I did?  Since I just caught up with the series in the last year, I may not have the same reaction to the finale as one who invested six long years in the lives of the Oceanic survivors, but I’m still thinking about the episode this morning and tearing up at the thought of those last few moments.

I’m going to keep this space spoiler-free for those who haven’t seen it yet, but feel free to leave a comment so we can discuss.



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Thursday I called Comcast to cancel our cable subscription.  We just don’t watch enough live TV anymore to justify the cost, so as I’m explaining this to the customer service rep, she starts grilling me further on our viewing habits.

Comcast: So you don’t watch any network shows at all?

Me: We do. We watch them all online now. Or through Netflix.

Comcast: But what about your local channels? How do you get your local news?

Me: We visit the local news sites online.

Comcast: So you’re not worried about losing touch with the outside world?

Me: Seriously? You think cable TV is what keeps us in touch with the outside world?

WTF? It’s not like we’re  agoraphobics. We do, on occasion, mingle with real live flesh and blood humans.  We’ve also been known to purchase a newspaper now and again, especially if it contains a lot of good coupons.

You gotta give the woman props for trying to convince us we need cable, though.

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I haven’t been very productive lately. I have plenty to write about, but I haven’t been posting because I’ve gotten caught up in this show:


Four years ago ABC re-ran the entire first season of “Lost” over the summer. It was the year I was pregnant and I started watching because it aired the nights Nathan had golf league and I had nothing better to do.

About eight or nine episodes in, right about the time Sayid got captured and tortured by the crazy French woman, I stopped watching because things were getting a little too complicated. Polar bears, unseen monsters and the multitude of interweaving flashbacks became too much for my pregnancy-addled brain and I gave up. There was no way I was going to get caught up in this crazy-ass version of Gilligan’s Island when I was going to give birth smack dab in the middle of season two.

Recently Netflix added seasons 1-4 of “Lost” to their on demand lineup and Nathan added them to our growing list of shows in our instant queue. He had been saying for some time he wanted to start watching the show, but with five seasons behind us already I thought it best to put off getting involved until we retired. Travel, gardening, volunteering and “Lost.” Sounds like a perfect way to spend our golden years.

Well, last week we settled in with season one and all I can say is shit, I’m hooked. We’ve watched two or three episodes every night so far. We’ve formed theories, looked for symbolism and continuity and are going crazy trying to figure out what’s going on with the numbers, that damn hatch and “The Others.” And we have four more seasons to catch up with before the sixth and final season begins in January.

Why do I let my husband talk me into these things? Let’s buy a house with a pool, he says. The coastline of Mackinac Island is an easy three-mile bike ride, he says. Let’s get involved in a show with such a complicated mythology that colleges have created courses to analyze it, he says.

The pool is now gone, the coastline of Mackinac Island is eight miles and I’m pretty sure I’m going to start hating J.J. Abrams before the series draws to a close next year. Hopefully the ride will be worth it.

At the very least I’ll be able to take with me the image of a bare-chested Sawyer chopping down that bamboo.


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Cawfee Tawk: The "Heroes" edition

I’m going to take a break from the regularly scheduled narcissism today and talk about TV.  If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you know I love me some TV, but now that I’m in grad school I’ve had to cut back.  By cutting back I mean I’m letting my TiVo do all the watching for me in the hopes of one day catching up with it all.

One show I refuse to miss each week is “Heroes.”  I love shows with deep, infuriatingly mysterious mythologies that ultimately pose more questions than they answer each week.  It’s geek crack, I’m telling you, and I’ve been a fan from the very beginning.

If you follow “Heroes” but didnt watch last night’s episode, stop right here because I will be mulling over certain plot points (i.e. dishing out SPOILERS).  If you don’t watch the show, well..I’ll see you later when I have more embarrassing stories about my kid (and I actually do have a good one I’ll be sharing later this week).

So, without further adieu, let’s discuss:


His time traveling and obsessive need to save the world is getting out of control.  He keeps telling people he can go back and “fix things” but all he’s doing is making things worse.  As future Peter put it, “I’ve stepped on too many butterflies.”  I’m starting to think future Claire is right in wanting to wipe out any version of her uncle she comes across.  And now Peter has Sylar’s power and the “hunger” that accompanies it.


Who knew the series’ most heartless killer could turn into such a loving paternal figure?  I’m really impressed with how the writers are making Sylar out to be a more sympathetic character.  I didn’t think that was possible considering how we’ve seen him brutally slaughter at least a dozen or more people in order to take their abilities.  The confrontation in the Bennet house was horrible, with Sylar’s little son Noah paying the ultimate price for his father’s crimes.  That right there is turning out the be one of the main themes of this show; the sins of the father (and mother) afflicting several generations.


The future’s not so bright for our erstwhile geneticist. He’s skulking around his lab like Quasimodo, wearing hoodies and keeping to the shadows.  Like Sylar, his hunger for an ability led him to making some bad choices (like sleeping with Maya) and he’s now horribly deformed, the nature of which we haven’t seen…yet.  While Mohinder started out being the little ray of hope that our heroes would get some answers as to the how and why of their abilities, he’s somehow gotten himself into a bit of a moral and physiological pickle.  And he annoys me.  I’m sorry, but he’s become one of my least favorite characters in this show along with Maya.  Speaking of which, when did her English become so polished?

Hiro and Ando

Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The antagonism between these two is escalating thanks to Hiro’s brief trip to the future.  Witnessing your best friend kill you is bound to mess with your head, but Hiro needs to lighten up and realize he saw a possible future and not a definite one.  Ando has been nothing but supportive and loyal (if not a tad bit opportunistic) throughout their adventures.  And it looks like they’re in for more fun now that they’ve dug up the immortal Adam.

Tracy and Nathan

So we learned that Tracy is one of a set of triplets separated at birth and “given” their abilities through some questionable genetic engineering.  Hmmm.  This opens up a whole new can of worms as it seems not all our heroes acquired their talents naturally.  When you think about it, a few of our main characters have parents with ties to The Company; Parkman, Nathan, Peter, Sylar and Claire.  Could it be they were all test tube subjects?

And if you’re keeping track, Nikki and Tracy have another sister out there we have yet to meet; Barbara.  I wonder what her power is.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that she’s a real badass.  Nikki was too conflicted, Tracy is too sweet, so we need a sister who is purely evil.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  At least we know Ali Larter has steady employment for awhile.

And then there’s Nathan.  Poor, converted Nathan who wants to be an angel yet keeps receiving visits from the devil.  What is up with these ghostly visits from Linderman?  Is there another evil lurking in the wings and implanting these visions in Nathan’s mind?  That’s entirely possible, and it looks as though whomever is pulling the strings really wants Nathan in the oval office…again.  Speaking of which…

Angela Petrelli

“Someone is maniplulating us,” she says to Hiro.  Yeah, that someone would you, grandma.  She’s cunning, she’s wicked and she loves being in control.  The way she “fed” Sylar that young woman’s ability in last week’s episode was chilling. I have no idea what her agenda is, but she is turning out to be one of my favorite characters.


After ingesting the wacky paste, Parkman sees his future in 3-D instead of painted on rocks.  He’s married to speedster Daphne, has a child with her and has apparently adopted Molly.  I’m always interested in seeing where Parkman is going because we’ve already seen what he can become.  His ability to read and manipulate minds sometimes lands him in a morally gray area, though we didn’t see him use his power much at all last night.  Instead, he wound up holding a dying Daphne who wasn’t quite fast enough to escape Sylar’s nuclear blast in Costa Verde.


Something very bad has happened to her in the future.  Something worse than Sylar cutting off the top of her head, you ask?  Well, I guess we’ll have to see.  She’s not happy, that’s for sure.  And she seems to be hanging with the wrong crowd.  She has bad guy Knox, who feeds on fear, in her posse and that can’t be good.  So is she a hero or a villain in the future?  Only time will tell.

Questions and observations

Now that we know Tracy and Nikki were sisters separated at birth, who is their real mother?  Lord, let it NOT be Angela Petrelli.  That would be too icky considering Tracy winds up being Nathan’s first lady in the future.

Do these people not expand their real estate options?  Sylar is living in the Bennet house (with Mr. Muggles, no less), Mohinder keeps Isaac Mendez’s old studio as his lab and Matt and Molly are still living in Mohinder’s apartment.  Apparently the housing market sucks in the “Heroes” world as well.

Is anyone else having trouble keeping track of what abilities Peter and Sylar have?  When Sylar went nuclear and obliterated Costa Verde, it took me a minute to remember he stole that ability when he killed nuclear Ted back in season one.  And when I saw Peter’s flaming hands before entering the Bennet house, I had forgotten he had aquired that ability from one of the escapees from The Company just last week.

Sylar’s son was named Noah.  It would seem his partnership with Noah Bennet was a positive one, though I can’t imagine Claire will be too happy to find out her dad has paired up with the guy who lopped off the top of her head and dug into her brain like it was a plate of Pad Thai.

Speaking of Syler’s son, let’s have no more children dying on this show.  That scene was too disturbing, though I realize they had to do something catastrophic for Sylar to lose control.  Please, only mutilate and kill those of drinking age or older.  We parents just can’t handle seeing our young ‘uns suffer.

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Norman Mailer died yesterday. I never read any of his stuff. I have a bachelor’s degree in English literature and yet my only familiarity with this man is that he was on an episode of “The Gilmore Girls.”

Seriously, I really need to get away from that TV.

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No longer a welcome suggestion

We’ve officially banned Dora from our TiVo.  One episode was I could take.  Until Autumn can articulate her desire to want to watch the show, we will not be watching that show.

Autumn calls her “Dodo” anyway.  Smart kid.

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Our new best friend

Our DVR died on us back in July. We loved that thing. It was a Panasonic with a hard drive and DVD burner. It was kind of like a TiVo, but we could schedule recordings without having to subscribe to a TiVo-like service. We bought that thing about two and a half years ago right around the time I found out I was pregnant. You know, back when we actually had some sort of a disposable income. It wasn’t cheap, but it turned out to be one of the best purchases we ever made. Until it crapped out on us, that is.

At the time the DVR died the hard drive was pretty full of stuff we never got around to burning to DVD, like the entire last season of “Heroes.” Gone was the last episode of “Charmed” that made me cry every time I watched it. Also gone was the episode of “Alias” that aired the day after Autumn was born, which I had kept not for the episode itself but for the brief news break at the beginning that discussed a big fire at a bar in the city. I remember that night so well. It was my first night alone with Autumn and I could smell the smoke from the fire even though we were miles away and I was on the sixth floor of the hospital.

Our funds being limited as they are now, we couldn’t just run out and plunk down another few hundred dollars on a similar unit. Being a slave to the TV schedule sucks though, which we realized about two weeks into the new fall season. I know I could probably stop watching TV altogether, but I’ve come to accept that being a TV junkie is embedded into my genetic code much like brown hair and the need to go to bathroom whenever I’m in Target. All these traits I’ve inherited from my mother. You should see her massive VHS and DVD collection. Seriously, she could open up a Blockbuster in her house.

Considering our plight, it seemed serendipitous that Big Lots, of all places, recently advertised brand spanking new TiVo units for only $69.99. To sweeten the deal further, we found ourselves in possession of a Big Lots Buzz Club coupon for 20% off any one Big Lots item (excluding gift cards and fireplaces.) So you see, not only are genetics at play here. Fate has also intervened to tell me I must not miss one episode of “The Office” or “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Can I say that TiVo is the coolest thing ever? Forget artificial hearts or cochlear implants. TiVo is the sweetest technological thingamajig since…well TV. Within two nights of installing the TiVo and recording with the TiVo, the thing started recordig shows on its own based on what we had already recorded. I now have episodes of “Angel”, “X-Files” and “Dora the Explorer” waiting for me and I didn’t have to do a thing. Not only that, but I can schedule recordings from their website as long as I remember what channels I actually have. If you try to schedule a recording for a channel you don‘t have, TiVo will send you an email.

I realize I may be behind the times here since TiVo has been around for awhile, but I feel like a virgin who has just discovered the joy of sex from someone who knows exactly where her g-spot is.

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