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A few years ago my mother gave me this awful little digital video camera for Christmas.  I think it may have been a doorbuster deal at some store on Black Friday, but the thing  sucked the life out of every AA battery I put into it and took really horrible videos to boot.

The first time I uploaded the videos to iPhoto, I was able to view and edit them without a problem. Shortly after that, however, some of the videos would play without audio and others would be black squares on the screen with just a soundtrack.

Since the videos were crap anyway, I wasn’t too concerned about the lost footage and they just hung out in my iPhoto library waiting for the day I decided to re-visit them, which happened to be this past weekend. I was having a little mom moment as I perused through the early years of my photo library and happened to click on one of the previous unwatchable videos.  This time it worked and I was given the gift of several short snippets of Autumn as a baby.

The most precious of these videos is the one I’m posting here. It was taken a month before her first birthday. The lighting is dim and you can’t even make out the dog sitting next to her, but this one minute absolutely broke my heart because the child in it will be heading off to kindergarten in two weeks.  And like every other mom I’m left wondering, “The hell? Where did those four years go?”

October, 2006 from noahsarc on Vimeo.

I had completely forgotten about the “ba ba ba” thing she does at the end there. Our daycare provider taught her that and we used to think it was the funniest thing. After seeing this, I can’t help but wonder how many other little things I’ve forgotten since then.


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As promised

For four years now I’ve created birthday videos for Autumn and every year I watch the video about five millions times once it’s finished. The past couple of years I’ve watched the video and then gone back to watch the previous year and the year before that. So for the past week I’ve been watching four years of birthday videos over and over again.

I always try to select a song that either reflects my observations as a parent or that reflects Autumn’s emerging personality. Several weeks ago I started listening to tracks on Grooveshark, hoping to find the perfect song. I finally settled on Jack Johnson’s “Upside Down”, a bouncy little tune from the Curious George soundtrack that’s all about growth and discovery. It fit perfectly.

On a final note, I really owe Autumn’s school a debt of gratitude for taking so many wonderful pictures of her over the past few months. Without them, I doubt I would have had enough photos to fill a three minute song. Mommy’s camera got a little dusty this year.

Autumn’s Fourth Year from noahsarc on Vimeo.

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Broken English

Several months ago I started taking notice of the way Autumn pronounced certain words.  Some of her pronunciations are comical, but one word in particular tickled me in a way the others didn’t simply because it reminded me of Rocky and Bullwinkle.


She would (and still does) pronounce the word “squirrel” in a way that makes her sound just like Boris Badenov (or his beloved Natasha) and so I began asking Autumn to repeat a certain phrase for me just so I could get a laugh.

Moose and squirrel.

And then this foolishness escalated when I started getting the video camera out to record her saying “moose and squirrel” because I thought it was THAT funny.  That went on for a couple of weeks before the novelty wore off and she refused to humor me further.

So anyway, this video was taken back in February during my “moose and squirrel” obsession.  I love it simply because it showcases Autumn’s goofy side, so please try to enjoy that part of it and ignore the insane woman behind the camera whose direction gets really irritating about ten seconds in.

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Vlogging at Oak Hollow

I’ve never had much incentive to post a vlog entry before, but Angie over at BlogCoach is offering a chance at a $15 iTunes gift card to any one of her readers who posts a vlog entry between now and Valentines Day.  I thought what the hell, I can’t really embarrass myself much further.  I found time to squeeze this sucker in after eight hours of work and before one of the most hellish toddler bath experiences to date.  Autumn freaked out so badly she wound up with a gushing bloody nose.  But that’s another story for another day.

For the record these aches and pains we’ve been a little conerned about were nothing.  She’s just a little drama queen who knows exactly how to push her parents’ buttons.  The bloody nose is part dry house and part hereditary.  I used to get them all the time when I was a kid.

We should get a humidifier.  And a better webcam.  You know, one that makes me look like Rachel McAdams.

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She makes it to three

Three years ago today I was in labor and delivery.  I was laboring a little but wouldn’t deliver until my c-section later in the afternoon.  At 5:05 pm Autumn finally made her appearance.

Every year so far I’ve posted a video montage of my favorite pictures of Autumn from the past year.  As of 11:00 last night I had yet to make the video, so I sat down at the computer, opened iMovie and proceeded to splice together the past year of her life.

Well, if you heard a scream of horror just after midnight, that was me.  I learned a very important lesson about creating anything of importance on the computer; save your work and do it frequently.  I had every photo in place and every transition inserted and was watching my work for the first time when iMovie crashed on me.  I had to practically start over from scratch.

It was after 1:00 am when I finally finished.  I uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook and proceeded to cry like a baby as I reviewed the videos I made the previous two years.

I can’t believe she’s three.

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This is what’s popular in our house today:

While I’m not a huge Beyonce fan, I can’t help but admit this video kicks some serious booty.  Autumn has become enthralled with it and we watched it about four or five times last night (hey, it beats Katy Perry).  I had some fun trying to teach her to say “Beyonce.”  She’s not quite there yet.

Interestingly enough, the moves in this video were apparently inspired by this video here:

Of course you don’t see Gwen Verdon and her girls slapping themselves in the derriere, but I like that Beyonce is paying tribute to campy 60’s choreography.  Beyonce’s video is anything but campy, though.  Did anyone else get tired just watching it? 

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