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Nathan and I don’t subscribe to the local paper. We buy the Sunday edition for the coupons but most of the news itself is sent to the recycle bin while we page through the Target ad and look at all the stuff we’re not buying anymore.

So imagine my surprise when my best friend Marla recently told me our school district will be instituting all day pre-kindergarten next year and all day kindergarten the year after that. I was all, “Get out! Really?” because that completely changes our childcare needs and financial plan for next year.

I got all giddy at the prospect of seeing an end to daycare payments. Up until now it’s been this pie-in-the-sky concept that seemed to take forever to materialize. Sort of like weight loss only this is actually going to happen. Eighteen months from now we will no longer have to pay for child care and I couldn’t be happier.

After the euphoria of that revelation wore off, I felt like a bad mother for not already being privy to this information. I asked Marla where she had heard about this scheduling change and she said it was in our local community paper a few weeks ago. This would be the paper that gets delivered every Tuesday and which is most often destroyed by some form of precipitation before I get around to picking it up from my porch.

When Autumn was just a baby I was already thinking about school and how we were going to work her schedule around ours. At the time it seemed mind boggling. Who would take her to school? Who would pick her up? Would morning kindergarten be better or afternoon? What about bussing? For about a year now I’ve been making inquiries about bus schedules and preschool schedules and now it all sort of worked itself out with very little effort on my part. My plans have evolved from having two tentative scenarios depending on her schedule to one definitive plan based on the school’s new schedule. I’m sort of an obsessive planner and this makes me very happy.


I have to let C- go, the woman who has been watching my daughter since she was eleven weeks old. I knew eventually it would have to happen, but I wasn’t really planning on it happening so soon. Starting this fall we’re moving Autumn to a daycare facility closer to my office, one that conducts morning preschool classes. I talked to C- about this when we were just starting to explore our preschool options. I asked her if she would be willing to take Autumn back part time when she starts pre-k or kindergarten. She said she loves Autumn and would take her back at any time, but with the new full-day programs it looks as though we won’t need that part-time care.

Everyone I’ve talked to says it’s the nature of the job. Every daycare provider knows that at some point they will have to say goodbye to the children. I suppose I have to just suck it up and tell C- what we have planned. As much as she loves Autumn, she knew she only had a finite number of years with her.

And what happens after that? Do people generally keep in touch with their former daycare providers, especially long-term providers like we’ve had? While I do like C-, my relationship with her is far different than Autumn’s relationship with her. Autumn sees C- as family while I’ve needed to keep a certain degree of professional distance between us. The relationship has worked and I think we found a good balance between Autumn’s life with her during the day and her life with us in the evenings.

But if I’m going to be really honest, I have to admit C- has been the person I couldn’t be for Autumn and I guess I’ve always been a little jealous of that. I’ve sometimes referred to her as Autumn’s “daytime mommy”and when I look back on these past three years I can’t help but wonder how different things would have been had I stayed home with my daughter.  I would have been the daytime mommy then.

I’d love to hear your experiences if you’ve been through this transition before. I know the new preschool will be good for Autumn, but I don’t want to completely remove one of the closest relationships she has right now if I can help it. What’s the right thing to do here?

Yeah, I know. We’ll have to figure this one out on our own. Still, I’d love to hear your stories if you have some.


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I only have three more days left of my maternity leave. Autumn spent all day at daycare today and will again on Thursday. I’m not sure how I feel about the woman I have watching her. Of course no one is going to care for her as well as I do, but I’m just not prepared for someone else to watch her all day.

We’re still ironing out the kinks with feeding. Unfortunately our provider, C-, has never worked with a breastfeeding mother before. I was surprised when she told me that. I would have expected a few nursing moms to have crossed her path now and again. Nathan picked Autumn up today and C- told him she thought Autumn had diarrhea. Autumn has had some rather explosive diapers lately and I don’t think C- is used to the look and consistency of breastfed baby poop. Well, now she knows.

The thing that concerns me most is that I’ve been sending the number of bottles I expect C- to feed Autumn throughout the day. Last week Autumn spent two days with C-, six hours each day. I left two bottles and told C- when Autumn last fed, but both days I picked her up to find out she had only been fed one.

Today I sent three bottles but she was only fed two. I talked to the pediatrician’s office and was told she needs to get at least 24 oz of milk each day. That means if she’s only getting 8 oz at daycare then I’m left to try to get in 16 oz in the short time I’m with her and also means she will probably get me up in the middle of the night.

Nathan told me to give it time. After all this was Autumn’s first full day with C- and they both may need to work out some kind of schedule. He said we may have to re-evaluate our daycare choice if C- continues to only feed Autumn the two bottles.

I think I’m just going to have to ask C- what obstacles she’s been facing in getting in all three bottles. Since she’s used to formula fed babies, she may not realize that breastfed babies actually need to feed more. We’ll see what happens.

In other news, I went to campus today for our union contract ratification meeting. It was very boring and made me wish I’d brought a pillow, but the good news is I’ll finally be getting my raise. It’s about time. I’m going to need that money. It’s going to daycare.

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