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I haven’t officially joined the whole “Thursday Thirteen” club yet, but in honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to list the 13 most popular mom-isms I’ve heard these past 36 years.

1. “When you grow up I hope you have a daughter just like you.” (Usually said to me when I was being naughty)

2. “Little Debbies make big Heather.”

3. “I’ll just take a pill.” (What she says whenever she has even the eensiest bit of chocolate. The caffeine keeps her awake)

4. “Heads up in the parking lot.”

5. “I got that for (x amount of dollars) at Save-A-Lot.”

6. “You should go to Save-A-Lot.”

7. “I have to take your grandma to the vet.” (Because my grandma needs to take her dog in, you know, but mom says it like that every time.)

8. “I’d like to sit in my chair and read the paper.”

9. “My New Year’s resolution is to be a bitch.”

10. “Oh, I have a coupon for that.”

11. “Bruce, don’t change the channel. I’m recording that.”

12. “Ugh, it’s your mother.” (To my dad whenever the phone rings during dinner).

13. “You’re my favorite little girl.” (To Autumn)


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No accounting for taste

I saw this meme over on Ginger’s site and decided to do it here. I figured what better way to confirm what a geek I am than to showcase my horrible taste in music.

The idea is to set your iPod to shuffle and post the first 10 songs it plays. Before I do that, let me first say that I’m all over the place when it comes to the stuff I put on my iPod. I recently went through my CD collection and weeded out what was iPod worthy and what wasn’t. Basically, if the house was to catch fire and I wanted to save my music collection, what stuff would I sorely miss if it wasn’t cataloged on my iPod?

I’ve always been a top 40 listener, which accounts for a lot of my collection. However, I also have a penchant for motion picture soundtracks, classical music and Motown. Add Autumn’s ten Baby Einstein CDs into the mix along with the “Story of Jesus” audio book my grandma gave her for Christmas and you’ll never know what will pop up.

So here goes…

1. Jimmy, Jimmy-Madonna (True Blue)

2. Clarinet Concerto in A-Mozart (Baby Galileo)

3. The Right of Spring-Part 1-Adoration of the Earth-Stravinsky

4. Koolen-Eric Serra (The Fifth Element soundtrack)

5. The Letter (Swing Kids soundtrack. Explanation..Christian Bale. ‘nuf said)

6. Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover-Sophie B. Hawkins

7. Book of Days-Enya

8. Dudly Pippin and his No Friend-Free to Be You and Me

9. Badaboom-Eric Serra (The Fifth Element soundtrack)

10. An American Girl-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

I was going to try to redeem myself by listing the top 25 most played songs, however every single one of them is The Wiggles.  We pipe them into Autumn’s room most nights when she goes to bed.  So the Wiggles are now the most popular tunes on my iPod.

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I’m it

It seems Meg over at Sleepy New Mommy has reached out her virtual hand and tagged me for a MeMe, which as I understand it is a way for me to share even more information. So here goes…

Five things in my closet

  1. My old backpack from college that is still in excellent shape but will probably never be used again because I’m way too old to be slinging a backpack over my shoulder.
  2. Sweaters I forgot to put in storage and don’t want to put in storage now because I’d just have to get them out of storage in a couple of months.
  3. A humidifier we used a couple of times but put away because it was too noisy.
  4. Clothes, of course
  5. The entrance to my attic.

Five things in my fridge

  1. Marla’s pasta salad from a couple of weeks ago
  2. About seven different types of mustard
  3. Half eaten jars of baby food we keep forgetting are there
  4. Leftover lamb and tzatziki sauce from a gyro kit
  5. Napa cabbage and romaine lettuce for Nathan’s fabulous kimchi

Five things in my car

  1. My spring jacket. I forgot to hang it up after the weather warmed up.
  2. A sweater I also forgot to hang up that sat in my back window for weeks and is now bleached in spots.
  3. Lots of empty water bottles
  4. Gas receipts
  5. A snow brush, because you know the weather can turn on a dime here in Michigan

Five things in my purse

  1. A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel
  2. Weight Watchers Magazine
  3. Coupons for formula
  4. Diapers and wipes (can’t have one without the other)
  5. A manicure kit

Am I supposed to tag someone else now?

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Inspired by a couple of my favorite bloggers and just because I can, I compiled the following list of 100 bits of random info about yours truly. Kudos to you if you make it through the whole thing.

1. I used to want to be an actress.

2. I once auditioned for a commercial for a grocery store chain. I didn’t get the job.

3. I don’t get along with people who are most like me.

4. I have the theme to Harry Potter set as my cell phone ring tone.

5. I met my husband when we were both working at Target.

6. My parents met when they were both working at K-Mart.

7. Both my father and my husband have worked for Pinkerton’s Security Service.

8. I have a personalized autographed photo of Wolfman Jack.

9. I attended the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in 1993, 1994 and 1995.

10. One of those years I brought a TV band radio along so I could listen to Dick Button’s commentary during ABC’s live broadcast. Before they went on air, I picked up ABC’s audio feed on my radio and listened as Peggy Fleming trashed another skater’s outfit.

11. I met Tonya Harding the year before the infamous Kerrigan “knee whacking” incident.

12. Harding totally snubbed me when I asked for her autograph.

13. I was at the practice session where the Kerrigan “knee whacking” incident occurred but left before it actually happened.

14. My mother once shared an elevator with Tara Lipinski.

15. I’m no longer that much of a figure skating fan, though I did watch every episode of “Skating with Celebrities.”

16. I once wrapped a boyfriend’s car in plastic wrap after he failed to help me tee pee my boss’ house.

17. I “borrowed” the plastic wrap from the stockroom at Target.

18. The reason he didn’t help me was because he was drunk.

19. He was only my boyfriend for three months. We were supposedly better off being just friends but I hated his guts afterwards and only pretended to be cool with the breakup.

20. He was the last boyfriend I had before I met my husband.

21. When I was sixteen, I dressed up in a gorilla costume and stood on a busy street with a sign that said, “Buy One Get One Free” as a promotion for the Subway restaurant where I worked.

22. I once mistakenly wrote down the wrong hours for my Subway schedule and failed to open the restaurant on a Sunday morning.

23. No one opened the Subway until the owner dropped by later in the afternoon. He was pissed but didn’t fire me.

24. I showed up for work later that day dressed as a witch because it was the day before Halloween. That was by far one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

25. I used to say I never wanted children. Now I wish I had the time, money and energy for more.

26. I had a huge fight with my paternal grandmother and didn’t speak to her for five years. See also item #3.

27. Said grandmother has a rare copy of Mein Kampf in its original German.

28. My paternal grandfather died during my first week of college.

29. My brother and I had a fight at his funeral.

30. I’m not fighting with any members of my family at the moment.

31. I’ve written fan letters to Olivia Newton John and Kirk Cameron.

32. My lowest adult weight was 165 lbs.

33. My highest adult weight was 312 lbs.

34. I’m somewhere in between those two numbers now.

35. The last time I called in sick to work when I really wasn’t sick was in order to meet mystery author Sue Grafton.

36. During my “acting” days, I dressed up as a ghoul for the Haunted Train ride from Coopersville to Marne.

37. I still can’t believe people paid good money for that ride.

38. I changed my major four times during college and actually ended up getting a degree in my original major; English Lit.

39. It took me eleven years to earn that degree.

40. I once went out with a guy who told me he didn’t mind dating “big girls” and that he had once gone out with a girl who weighed “almost 300 lbs.”

41. The world applauded him for his community service and I dumped him shortly afterwards.

42. I once had a woman ask me when I was “due.” I wasn’t pregnant at the time, yet when I was pregnant my grandmother repeatedly told me I didn’t look pregnant at all.

43. I started dating my husband while he was still married to another woman.

44. I’m not a homewrecker. They were separated.

45. I’m the only grandchild in my family to go to college.

46. I’ve had only three jobs over the past 17 years.

47. The best job I had was driving hi-lo in a factory warehouse.

48. The worst job I had was working at Burger King.

49. I hate peas but love split pea soup.

50. My mom and I were once locked out of a parking ramp in Phoenix. We walked the whole way around the ramp in the middle of the night before flagging down the cops.

51. My mom told me never to tell my father we were walking around downtown Phoenix in the middle of the night.

52. My father found out I was moving in with my husband after he came home from a vacation and found our brand new bedroom furniture in his living room.

53. One year I gained forty pounds in four months. I wasn’t sick, I just ate a lot.

54. My transmission conked out on me one day after the dealer’s warranty expired.

55. I was in Chicago at the time and had to rent a car to get back home.

56. The car rental cost more than the new transmission because we had invested in an extended warranty.

57. That was the only time we took advantage of an extended warranty. For anything. Ever.

58. I’ve seen every Star Wars movie during its original run.

59. Before I saw the The Empire Strikes Back, my best friend at the time spoiled the ending for me by revealing that Vader was Luke’s father.

60. I used to be in love with Michael J. Fox and entered a contest to win the denim jacket he wore in Back to the Future. I didn’t win it.

61. I did, however, win free airline tickets through a Diet Rite cola contest. That’s how I ended up walking around downtown Phoenix in the middle of the night with my mother.

62. I won first place in the fiction category in a college writing contest.

63. The next year I tied for second in two categories, neither of them fiction.

64. When I was a little kid, my uncle was a DJ for a rock station. I called during his shift once and asked him to play a Barry Manilow song.

65. He laughed at me and ended up playing something else. He added a nice dedication to me, though.

66. I only liked Barry because my mom did.

67. I was in a college class with the son of one of the Four Tops.

68. The first TV show I remember watching on cable was “The Flintsones.”

69. I’ve had a TV in my bedroom since I was 12 years old.

70. I’ve had the same TV in my bedroom since 1992.

71. The only movie I ever felt like walking out of was Cape Fear with Robert DeNiro yet I sat through Jim Carey’s The Mask twice.

72. My father used to teach sex ed in school but never once had “the talk” with me.

73. I’m old enough to have been vaccinated for smallpox yet young enough to only be familiar with two Kennedys; John Jr. and Edward.

74. I was watching “Saturday Night Live” the night Sinead O’Connor dissed the Pope.

75. I love Mowtown music.

76. I’m addicted to lip balm.

77. A picture of my father holding a picket sign ran in our local paper when he and the other teachers at his school went on strike.

78. I found my first gray hair when I was 19 years old.

79. I’ve seen Amy Grant in concert five times.

80. My goal is to set foot in all 50 states before I die. So far I have about half of them covered.

81. I’ve never once taken drugs.

82. I got sick the first time I saw Pretty Woman in the theater. The movie didn’t make me sick, I just happened to come down with the flu that day.

83. I used to own every Strawberry Shortcake doll ever made.

84. My father once gave away all my sweaters to Goodwill after he mistakenly thought they were clothes no one wore anymore.

85. I’m still waiting for an apology from him for that.

86. I’ve only kept in touch with one friend from high school.

87. I’m becoming more and more like my mother every day.

88. I tried smoking when I was sixteen.

89. I once stole candy from a store. My mom made me return it when she heard me trying to unwrap it in the back seat of the car.

90. I’ve been both behind and in front of the camera during PBS pledge week.

91. I watch PBS but have never pledged money to them.

92. I had the most hideous lime green paint and carpet in my room when I was a kid.

93. I live thirty minutes from Lake Michigan but haven’t been to the beach in fourteen years.

94. I do not tan, I burn.

95. The last trip I took was to Las Vegas.

96. The last good trip I took was to Boston.

97. I freaked out the first time I saw this picture of Louisa May Alcott because she looked so much like my mother.

98. I believe in karma.

99. My daughter is the most precious thing in my life.

100. My husband is a very tolerant man to put up with me.

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